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  • Like the swells of waves and seas around us, Tide is a manifestation of natural power between the moon and the sun. The rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of gravitation and rotation of the earth. this crêpe-like translucent material is purely handloomed from unbleached locally grown cotton yarn. Intricately hand-drawn with a traditional technique of wax-resist dyeing, this hand-dyed kimono is a unique painting work in collaboration with Mas Ta, our natural batik hand-painter. Working together in his atelier with the local collective of his village in Central Java, no motif is ever the same and no person will be receiving a carbon copy. This is the nature and process of our traditional hand painted batik, a beautiful creation that holds not only a tradition, but also the story of the makers.

    This textured unbleached cotton material has undergone several natural dye baths using Indigofera tinctoria leaves to obtain the rich hues across this lightweight piece before the colour fixation process using palm sugar blocks.

  • Model is 170cm/5'5' and wears a size OS. Featured with elbow length sleeves, belt loops on both sides and two frontal patch pockets, this versatile kimono with a straight cut is tailored to an oversized unisex fit with airy feel, allowing you play around with the shape. Measurement for reference / Waist: 140cm / sleeve length: 60cm / garment length: 105cm. Please refer to our size & measurements or contact us if you have any questions about the sizing of this product.

  • Our plant-based natural dyes are colorfast. however, due to the lack of dyeing chemicals, small color runs or slight fading may appear where the natural mordant may not have taken to the fabric. Please follow the correct steps to ensure your RŪPAHAUS pieces get the best care. Refer to our care for more info.