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There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness. – Mahatma Gandhi

Like in any profession, fair wages, safety and respect must never be an optional add-on. So the first step to being a conscious customer, is to ask the who and the why before committing to a purchase. As we have so much power to change the world and the common perspective by just being careful in what we buy.

If you are looking for a quick rule of thumb, a fashion piece should have been made ethically by people who are paid fairly and treated with respect, out of sustainable material that are kind to the people and to the environment. Shop Slow. Choose well and Make it last.

Gosja Jacket | Prune Gosja Jacket | Prune Out of stock

Gosja Jacket | Prune

$ 279.00
Gala Kimono | Sol Gala Kimono | Sol Out of stock

Gala Kimono | Sol

$ 249.00
Gala Kimono | Frore Gala Kimono | Frore Out of stock

Gala Kimono | Frore

$ 249.00
Gala Kimono | Ozean Gala Kimono | Ozean Out of stock

Gala Kimono | Ozean

$ 249.00
Gala Kimono | Nile Gala Kimono | Nile Out of stock

Gala Kimono | Nile

$ 249.00
Double sided unisex jacket, ethically handwoven and naturally handdyed, RUPAHAUS Goya Jacket | Olive Terracotta

Goya Jacket | Olive Terracotta

$ 279.00
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