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We hope, by reviving the traditional methods in our processes, 
we can contribute and make small differences to our environment.

The process of natural dyeing and textile weaving were used by tribes across nations as a unconventional way of passing on history through generations. With the discovery of chemical dyes and the advancement of textile manufacturing, not only did natural dyeing slowly became forgotten, but the environmental aftermath was also being neglected. 

As a country of thousand islands, Indonesia is home to more than 300 native ethnic tribes. Each artisan community has its peculiar dying and varying fabric processing techniques resulting in distinct textures and shapes, which are reflected in the unique regional character of our pieces.

Every RŪPA piece is crafted using organic fibres of raw unbleached cotton and natural pigments collected from plants, flowers, tree barks and roots. It is then followed by a fixation process using natural mineral mordants (salt crystals, copperas & alum) to create varying unique colour tones. The combination of techniques passed through legacies and the delicate complex processes behind our RŪPA pieces results in authentic and unique handcrafted products – giving every RŪPAHAUS piece its own story and identity.