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If it's not obvious enough how much you'd love our RŪPA pieces — don't just take our words for it. Read on about what our customers are saying about their purchases.

When RŪPAHAUS launched, I bought a few pieces to wear for my holidays in South East Asia where the weather is warm. Wearing organic cotton is great for hot weather. RŪPAHAUS designs are practical, comfortable and breezy. The dresses are true to size. The jumpsuits are slightly oversize, which I feel helps a lot when one need to get in and out of clothes while using the restroom. The material is easy to wash (cold wash and gentle tumble) and easy to maintain (the creases add texture). I love RŪPAHAUS even more knowing that the items are made ethically and sustainably. #keeptraditionalartisanalive

Jo-ann Tan

To be very honest RŪPAHAUS is the only shop that I visit regularly. I love their timeless design, most of their pieces can be worn in multiple ways so that you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. I love how they only use quality fabric (and naturally hand-dyed too!) – they are so breathable and super comfortable to wear! Oh also, I forgot to mention that all their clothes are ethically handmade and environmentally-conscious so you are basically helping the earth by purchasing their pieces!

Karen Huang

Two very beautiful kimonos, thank you so so much, I love them. I am actually already wearing one to dinner tonight, and I am obsessed with it. I love them so much, thank you so much. I don’t know what the universe is telling me but three kimonos for my birthday this year, and yours are the most beautiful.

Maya Kerthyasa

Great fit and quality as well as representing part of our heritage, the blue Aria batik is my favourite cool shirt. Whether I'm at a sunset beach in Bali, beachfront in Capetown, or just a mall in Singapore, I always get compliments from people whenever I'm wearing my blue RŪPAHAUS shirt. Knowing that the company also reinvest part of its earnings to support the artisans' community is definitely a plus and a story I can tell to my friends and family.

Gabriel Sugiono

I am in love. With the wrap, the fabric, the pattern, the colour and the shape. It reminds me of my mom when I was little - it was summer, we went to the beach and it was such sweet memories.


I have just received a couple of clothing and a bag today - it’s really comfy to wear and unique design, I love them! I’m looking forward to purchasing other items next time soon!

Kei Kubota

I received my Cecile set in olive, and love it!

Sian Mair

Thank you for my beautiful clothes!

Ella Rubeli

The fabric is so wonderful, and your immaculate and thoughtful presentation and messages were a delight to unwrap!

Haruko Watanabe

I really love your masks, i have a few at home and have tried different ones, but RŪPAHAUS’ Maske is the best so far - it’s so breathable and the material is comfortable to leave on your face for the whole day.

Alexandra Edwards

The shirt is beautiful and the birthday boy loved it.

Shenelle Fernando

I really like your design!

Aika Miyamoto

The masks I ordered from RŪPAHAUS arrived today. So speedy and gorgeous attention to detail. Love the story. I think I’ll look to buy some of the clothes too!

Jane Agnew

Who said clothes that make you feel beautiful can't also be for adventuring? I love how my RŪPAHAUS pieces do exactly that!

Rhianna May

I was so happy that the dress came in the post right in time before my family photoshoot and I love it!

Chante C.

Hey! I just bought your Marrion Dress last sunday at the Collab shop in Freo! Omg the best!!! Love that each piece is different from the rest. Looks amazing!

Loraine Gabriel

Our lovely customer discovered RŪPAHAUS in store today, loved the attention to detail put in by all Indonesian artisans working with the label. She tried on the pullover and left the store wearing it!

Collab at Fremantle Market

I’ve just got home and found my beautiful package has arrived! Wow, how beautiful both the set & pants are! Thank you so much, I cannot wait to wear them 💛💛 much love!

Emma Jane

I got your beautiful RŪPAHAUS dress a while ago - and I love it!

Yarrow Mol

We had so much fun together this weekend in your gorgeous clothes.

Ashley Joy

The tops are so beautiful guys!

Danii F.

I love your masks and just bought another, thank you!


So so so happy with my rupahaus goodies, thank you so much ❤️ keep doing what you do.

Grace Dobinson

SUPERLOVE every single piece I got! Thank you so much!

Lutesha S.

Guys, your clothing is so beautiful! Love the modern shapes and patterns. So happy to have found you all, keep up the amazing work and thank you for helping make fashion fair!!!! 🙌🏻

Ashley Huff

Thank you so much for such gorgeous items! I received this skirt, the top and pants in the Indigo stripes and they're all absolutely wonderful! They feel so comfortable and are also so timeless. Thank you for doing your part to make this world a better, kinder place with your handdyed & ethically handmade pieces. Each item of yours is a story.

Emma Bennett

After months of thinking about it, I finally ordered a beautiful RŪPAHAUS mask yesterday and it got delivered today - just in time for the first day of Perth lockdown. Thank you, RŪPAHAUS!! #supportlocal

Anastasia Limawan

In love with this mask! Look at the pretty colours and the fabric feels so soft too! I placed an order yesterday around 8.30am, received shopping notification at 10am and the package arrived today at 9.30am!! Talking about efficient service!

Herlina Kurniawan

I ordered a mask from RŪPAHAUS at like 8:30pm yesterday and I've already received it wow impressive cool!

Dwayne de Mello

This face mask is gorgeous! It was packaged so beautifully and delivered super fast! Thank you! I love it! ❤️

Keryl Cromarty

RŪPAHAUS is literally the definition of my wardrobe and the only thing I wear daily. Its designs are very flattering and definitely compliment my figure the best way clothes can be. I love the founder gals and seeing how their values and beliefs speak through each and every piece made is always so special!

Eva Celia

I love wearing RŪPA because of its playful designs, its philosophy and values behind the brand. The length this brand goes through to deliver such high quality and thoughtfully made products are always something I highly appreciate, and the founder of RŪPA is also someone I found very inspiring. Kudos on making such beautiful products!

Tara Basro

The MASKEs are lovely but it's the little personal touches that go a long way, so thank you! Keep doing what you're doing 🥰

Tara Lennon

Thank you for the fast delivery of my Kiri Trousers, I LOVE THEM!

Nikki Lee

You guys were wonderful to work with when I wanted to return my shirt and swap it for a smaller size. No hassle at all and very friendly and quick service :)) I also want to say a special thanks to Stephanie who met me at the Melbourne markets so that I could swap my shirt over. She was wonderful and very helpful, so thank you!

Ryan Jones

I just wanted to say a very delayed thank you for my beautiful jumpsuit! I received it probably almost two weeks ago now and it's just gorgeous. The fabric is so soft and the fit is perfect. Plus it's super comfy! Thank you for your continued help and assisting me with the exchange. I really appreciate it.

Isobelle Amie

The shirt was a birthday gift and I love it!

Martin J.

I purchased the Abbe Shirt in Salt and it is great, thank you!

Ronan S.

I've loved all the items I've ordered, thank you :)

Hailey M.

I would like to send a big thank you to all the RUPAHAUS team/artisans. The items i received were of a high quality and presented in a thoughtful considered manner. I look forward with interest to see more of your unique products as your business grows.

Diana Robertson

I bought the Aria Batik Shirt in Meara a few weeks ago as a gift for my boyfriend and he loves it so much! It’s absolutely gorgeous and Thanks again for your beautiful work.

Kate McVey