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Calling the rugged, undulating savannah and low limestone hills their home, our homeware collection are handwoven on backstrap looms by a community of Ikat weavers in the Sumba Island. 

Led by one of the best natural dyes masters in East Sumba, Papa Deki, we experimented with native plants as natural dyes as well as alternative raw materials such as mud, seashells, and morinda roots sourced responsibly from his surroundings.

Having grown up in a weaver's family, his extensive knowledge doesn't come without the hard work. At a young age, he has dedicated his life into becoming a natural dye master in the hope of preserving his traditional heritage and empower his community to continue the tradition. Alongside him are Mama Ika, who's responsible in guiding and training the collective of young weavers and Kak Esi, who's an indigo master dyer in the family. The complex beauty in our handwoven home textiles lies in the very early technique applied in the process and Mama Ika holds the key to this technique, known as Karandi technique, where she delicately lays and groups each thread into 8 strands, she then ties them together for it to be ready to be laid onto the weaving frame before the motif drawing process can begin. 

Surrounded by untouched nature on a remote island of Sumba, it is filled with richness in colours and textures that have never existed in any other parts of Indonesia and for that, the East Sumbanese Ikat weavers are very proud of their heritage and believe it as a sacred legacy from their ancestors; this is definitely reflected in the methods which govern their practices. Known for its distinctive process of Ikat and the source of strong red hue derived from Morinda roots, Sumbanese Ikat showcases a pure representation of craftsmanships and remain to be at a high value. 

However, a lack of interest from the younger generations remains to be a concern as they don't see the importance of culture preservation as well as a sustainable source of income. Through our collaborative operation, not only we hope to create growth for the local economy and inherently preserve the culture at the same time, but also to encourage and educate the younger generations by witnessing the impacts we bring.

Discover our curated home textile collection featuring the work of Ikat weavers here.