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3 hours away southwest from the bustling metropolis of Jakarta is a 50 square kilometre hill area sheltering an ancient tribe of people who eschew the modern world entirely, known as the Kanekes. Filled with bamboo houses, the village of the Kanekes tribe lies at the entrance of sea of forests and only accessible by foot.

Their community of Kanekes can be divided into two groups, the outer and inner Kanekes. The inner Kanekes lives in the heart of the forest, surrounded by the outer Kanekes villages. Consisting mostly of the Charmants, tribe leaders, and the Aristocrats, the inner Kanekes believed to lead a more religious lifestyle in comparison to the outer Kanekes who foster limited contacts with the outside world.

Ethnically, their sacred observation of life is an embodiment of honour and respect to mother nature by resisting foreign modern influences and strictly preserving the ancient way of life through every aspects of their lives has resulted in high preservation of their heritage within their own communities, as one of a few ancient tribes that still hold up their existence with pride in Indonesia. 

Dedicating their lives to the strict belief of their ancestral teaching that is rooted in animism and worshiping spirits of natural forces carries out through the attitude of protecting and preserving the natural environment such as mountains, forests, rivers and all the ecosystem within them to maintain the balance of the universe makes them rely mainly on weaving and their local produces to sustain their livelihood and due to their remote and isolated living compound, earning a living has become even more challenging for the Kanekes.

The nature of our operation lets them set their own prices with an extra room to grow their own entities and direct payments are always made to them with no involvements from local middlemen or organisations.

With your support, we can continue building platforms and reaching for more traditional artisan communities like the Kanekes across rural Indonesia.

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