To mark RŪPAHAUS 4th year in running, the RŪPA sisters shared about what it's like to be a part of the team, and what does running an ethical and sustainable brand mean to each of them. 

The three very different and yet very alike girls bring in very strong passion about what they do; a combination that makes a super eclectic team of girl bosses.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what makes you interesting!

Addie (A): besides being a sister to the RŪPA girls, I am a mama to a little boy - so life is definitely full on most of the time. 

Steph (S): I am a very dog person and a Scorpio girl through and through. I am very comfortable creating things with my hands and I guess that what makes me (and my weird way of thinking) pretty interesting, amongst other things!

Tasch (T): I’m the 3rd of the 3/3 Nelsiana Chandra’s and currently living in a separate continent to the rest of the crew. I’m crazy about dogs and have successfully incorporate them into every aspect of my life.

Tell us about what you do in the hāushold and what is the most favourite part of your work/being a part of the team?

A: I am mostly the number brain of the Haūshold; and my favourite part is when I get to see our numbers lining up and all the colours turn green! Although my role primarily revolves around the commercial side of the business, being a part of a small team means we have to always be flexible and be ready to take on other roles when required.

S: I'm the creative brain behind RŪPAHAUS, and my most favourite part of working in RŪPA team is when we create and experiment, that is where boundaries do not exist and when beautiful things come to life in the most unexpected circumstances/events. 

T: I’m the marketing advisor and help form all things marketing, let it be offline or online, I generally help figure out the strategy. The favorite part is having yet another common interest (as if we don’t have enough) between the siblings.

What motivated or inspired you to do the work that you do?

A: Being an engineer professionally, I love seeing things evolve into something better, and ultimately witnessing the reward and result of my hard work. When you put your heart and soul to something that is not only have positive impact for people but also for our future, it definitely takes the reward to another level. 

S: The positive impact and growth we bring through the work we do to the artisans’ lives, both personally and professionally is what really motivates me when it comes to RŪPAHAUS. It goes beyond clothing and textiles, and when we see how they slowly bloom and become such independent, confident individuals as we progress, it makes all the hard work worth the while.

T: I’m the classic example of the kid who didn’t know what subject to pick in school and turns out marketing was my mojo and being able to combine it with my personal interests such as sustainability and design brings out my creative thinking in ways I had never imagined.

What is tradition and culture to you?

A: Tradition and culture are like home, something you can never runaway from and something that gives a person the fundamental sense of self. Like for us, we were brought up in a mixture of Indonesian, Chinese, Australian and German cultures; and the mix really and truly permeates our everyday lives, how we see and perceive the world, and our lives beliefs' and values. 

S: I see tradition and culture as one; an essential core to one’s identity. Just like building houses, the essential foundation needs to be strong for it to withstand all changes surrounding it and that applies the same way as tradition and culture in my perspective, if that makes sense. It personally reminds me constantly where I come from and made of, no matter where I go in this world.

T: Embracing what was given to you in this world.

Early mornings or late nights?

A: Early mornings definitely, I find it if my working hour spills into the nights when the sun goes down, my brain goes into overdrive and it just ended up being a groggy night for me.

S: Both actually. I love starting my day very early in the morning, but I work very well during the nights.

T: Both. Sometimes early mornings motivates me but late nights are when I’m at my 150% — that is before I fall asleep because of the said early mornings. 

What’s your rhythm of life?

A: When you start something, follow through and do it well :)

S: Being a water person, I definitely resonate with it when it comes to my rhythm of life. I like the idea of a routine but I always ended up finding myself (literally) flowing through everything, both personally and professionally. That is at least what feels natural to me.

T: Fast but always efficient.

Do you have a daily mantra or ritual?

A: be grateful for the little things, because life contentment comes from being grateful.

S: What you reap is what you sow – a saying I’ve been told growing up and it is just so embedded in my head that I think of it automatically when this question pops up. It is a good reminder to always be kind to whatever situations or whoever you’d come across in your life and to really give your absolute best in everything you do.

T: Morning cuddles with the dog is always important.