Maske Mask | Size 1

$ 23.00

9 reviews

Color: Rhubarb

Handmade lovingly from our Lorek textiles, this triple layer reusable cotton mask is handcrafted to provide secure protection for your face while support clear breathing — utilizing our breathable, close handwoven cotton on the outside, each MASKE mask is crafted with non-woven interlining in between the layers and our plain, natural handwoven cotton that acts as the inner lining as well as a filter pocket.

For additional protection, you can add an extra layer by inserting a fresh tissue/reusable filter in the hidden pocket before every use. Please note that MASKE is not eligible for returns/exchanges.

Size & Fit

These non-medical cotton masks are adjustable to fit securely on the face, 26cm in length across the face and 14cm in width to provide sufficient coverage. This size is recommended for narrow to medium-sized jaw. Handcrafted from our traditional handwoven Lorek, made out of 100% pure unbleached cotton, grown locally in Indonesia.

Material & Care

Cold wash only.

Our plant-based natural dyes are colorfast. However, due to the lack of dyeing chemicals, small color runs or slight fading may appear where the natural mordant may not have taken to the fabric. Please follow the correct steps to ensure your RŪPAHAUS pieces get the best care. Refer to our care for more info.


Carbon-neutral delivery is complimentary within Australia. Refer to our FAQ for more shipping and delivery info.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Tara Lennon

The MASKEs are lovely but it's the little personal touches that go a long way, so thank you! Keep doing what you're doing 🥰

Haruko Watanabe

I love the fabrics and i had to have the MASKE in every pattern!

Jodi Phillips

I love your masks and just bought another, thank you!

Dwayne de Mello

I ordered a mask from RŪPAHAUS at like 8:30pm yesterday and I've already received it wow impressive cool

Alexandra Edwards

I really love your masks, i have a few at home and have tried different ones, but RŪPAHAUS’ Maske is the best so far - it’s so breathable and the material is comfortable to leave on your face for the whole day.