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"Lurik" (lorek) is derived from a traditional Javanese name – a uniform connectedness of two stages in history; the past and the future.

Lines can be interpreted in so many ways, something as simple as a pattern can have an endless combination or variety as its way of communication. it is a path made by these moving points, a symbolic gesture of continuity for Indonesian tradition.

Meet the Sukinah family, a family of Javanese weavers who are responsible for all of our Lorek making. Nestled on the outskirts of Klaten, a small town 2 hours away to the east from Special Region of Yogyakarta, is home to the Sukinah family. Mastering in natural dyes for over 30 years, Ibu Sukinah passes her knowledge down slowly to her daughter – Mbak Ratmi, so they can preserve the fabric making tradition. We have started the journey together in partnership from the very beginning of RŪPAHAUS and we wouldn't be where we are now without the support of this mother-daughter duo.

Recently, Ibu Sukinah and Mbak Ratmi have began a community of women weavers from their own village as well as the neighbouring villages, sharing the workload amongst families of weavers due to the demand we have generated through our collaborative operation. By creating a sustainable working opportunities whilst still retaining their domestic presence in their households to take care of their families.

The nature of our operation lets the artisans set their own prices with an extra room to advance their own entities and direct payments to them are always made with no involvements from local middlemen or organisations. This allows us to create such job opportunities and encourage them to work independently as weavers, and through our fabrics, we also give them a reason to continue weaving and start earning a living wage for themselves from their valuable skills.

Shop the creation of these talented weavers in collaboration with us here.