RŪPA x Kanekes | Tinunan

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Color: Chupu Indigo

Showcasing a beautiful union between mother nature and its beings, Tinunan is completely handmade by the ancient Kanekes tribe from 100% unbleached cotton yarns using the Indonesian tie dye bonding technique, known as "Jumputan".

Dimension: 60cm(w) x 200 cm(l)


Handloomed on a manual backstrap loom to obtain the texture within the fabric, this large-sized throw scarf is then handknotted to attain its motifs and handdyed in a rich dyebath.

Our artisans utilise native Indigofera Tinctoria plants and palm sugar blocks for the Indigo hue, native Indonesian Mahogany tree bark and natural crystal salt fixation for the Mahogany hue and native Heartwood of Cockspur thorn and natural alum as mordants for the Canary hue.

  • Cold handwash only
  • Line drying only in shade

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Adrienne Aiple-Nigli
Stunning piece to cherish forever…

I was blown away at how beautiful my Kanekes x RupaHaus bag is. And the info card that came along with it, my goodness!!! It will be a piece I treasure forever - Thank you x

Kei Kubota

I’m looking forward to purchasing other items next time soon!

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